“Lieder von Liebe und Krieg” (Kinbom & Kessner) - Album, Theater.Macht.Musik, 2015

Collaboration with Sonja Kessner.

"Oil" - Album, Capstan Records, 2014.

"Quit My Job EP" - EP, Sotones, 2011.

"Hedgehogs And Elephants" - Album, Independent, 2009.

"Frozen Jungle Entertainment" - Album, I Like Records, 2002.

Album released under the name Frock.

“The Exodus Suite” (Gemma Ray) - Album, Bronze Rat Records, 2016.

Credits: Co-writer ("Acta Non Verba"), bass, lap steel, cover photography.

"I Awake" (Sarah Blasko) - Album, Dew Process/Universal, 2012.

Credits: Co-writer ("All Of Me", "Cast The Net", "Here"), electric guitar ("All Of Me", "Not Yet"), ukulele ("Here").

"Preternatural" (Moulettes) - Album, Craft Pop, 2016.

Credits: Lap steel ("Hidden World (Halicephalobus Mephisto)").

"Satellite EP" - Compilation EP, Navigator Records, 2014.

Credits: Cover of the Moulettes song "Lady Vengeance" (also available on the Deluxe Edition of the Moulettes album "Constellations").

"The Bear's Revenge" (Moulettes) - Album, Balling The Jack, 2012.

Credits: Lap steel ("Blood And Thunder").

"Quincy Who Waits" (Anja McCloskey) - Album, Sotones, 2014.

Credits: Lap steel ("The Calm", "Too Many Words").

"Upon Ayr" (Fletcher) - Album, Dramatico/Warner Music, 2013.

Credits: Bass guitar.

"Rewiggled - A Tribute To the Wiggles" - Compilation album, ABC Music, 2011.

Credits: Lap steel ("I Love It With It Rains" by Sarah Blasko).