Fredrik Kinbom's Facebook page

Fredrik Kinbom music/artist page on Facebook (still called Fred Kinbom as the name can't be changed...). Click "like" to subscribe to this page and keep up to date on new releases, gigs etc. (more frequent updates that newsletters through the mailing list).

Fredrik Kinbom on SoundCloud

Several Fredrik Kinbom tracks can be streamed in their entirety here.

Fredrik Kinbom on Bandcamp

Fredrik Kinbom's Bandcamp page - entire releases can be streamed and CDs and digital downloads can be purchased here.

Fredrik Kinbom's YouTube channel

Fredrik Kinbom's popular YouTube channel, featuring music videos from Fredrik as well as from Hazmat Modine, Paolo Conti, The Moulettes and others.

Fredrik Kinbom Sotones artist page

Fredrik Kinbom artist page on Sotones Records' website.

Lap King Guitars

Jason DuMont in Bristol, Connecticut, USA builds some of the finest electric lap steels on the planet. Fredrik plays two Lap King Rodeos with Lollar pickups - amazing instruments!

JG handcrafted amplifiers

Fredrik uses a custom built, hand-wired JG "Steroid-Champ" guitar amp, made by Jörg Grannemann in Düsseldorf, Germany.

Burgin Guitars

Fredrik plays a baritone Weissenborn-style guitar made by Paddy Burgin in Wellington, New Zealand. Paddy has built two Weissenborns for David Lindley upon which Fredrik's baritone model was based.

Lazy River Guitars

Fredrik plays a Lazy River spruce/walnut Weissenborn-style guitar, made by Rance White in North Carolina, USA.


Fredrik endorses these great tone bars, handmade by Eric Ebner in Austin, Texas, USA.

Diamond Bottlenecks

Fredrik endorses these beautiful lead crystal tone bars, handmade in England.

Newtone Strings

Fredrik endorses these fine British handmade strings.

Fine Resophonic

Mike Lewis builds wonderful resonator instruments. His wooden squareneck Tricone is in a class of its own. He also knows how to get the best out of any reso.


Quality hand-built guitar effect pedals. Super customer service too.

Lollar Pickups

Great guitar (and lap steel) pickups.

Steel Guitar Forum

THE place to learn about lap steel online (the "Steel Without Pedals" section).

The Muel

Fantastic multi-instrumentalist/songwriter/singer Samuel Walker's band. Samuel often plays percussion with Fredrik and the two undertook a double-bill European tour together in May 2012.


Wonderful (mainly) Brighton-based band. Cello, bassoon, percussion, fiddle, guitar, drums, beautiful harmony singing and great songs. Members of the Moulettes feature on Fredrik's "Quit My Job EP", and Fredrik played some lap steel on their 2012 album "The Bear's Revenge".

Georgina Leach

Great violinist, based in London. Member of the Moulettes, and played on Fred Kinbom's "Quit My Job EP" (and also on Seasick Steve's latest album).

Valter Percussion

Fredrik's brother Valter Kinbom's top quality cajóns, and other innovative percussion instruments, handmade in Sweden and Spain.


Music Fredrik made before he got into lap steel - an album from 2002.