Madame Vega's Boudoir


As of 2020, Fredrik Kinbom also does mastering work for other artists in his Berlin studio,

Madame Vega’s Boudoir.

Using a hybrid chain of select analogue (vintage and modern) outboard hardware and industry-standard mastering plugins, mastering-grade DA/AD-conversion in an acoustically treated room, Fredrik puts decades of experience in - and passion for - music production into this final and vital part of the process of making a record.


Regardless if it’s a single track or a triple-vinyl LP, Fredrik would love to help you make your music sound its very best, applying technical attention-to-detail and skill, but most importantly his ears and his creative experience as a musician and artist.


Fredrik masters for digital, CD (DDP) and vinyl (pre-master), and offers a no-strings-attached test master of a track. For more info, mastering rates, or if you have any questions, please contact Fredrik via e-mail HERE.



Here are some examples of music mastered by Fredrik Kinbom in Madame Vega's Boudoir:


Trailer for "Anthropos" album

Kinbom & Kessner

(Hook Music, 2022 - mix and master)


"Hey You"


(Tiny Lights, 2022)


"Gunnar Hedes saga"

Silent film score by Matti Bye & Laura Naukkarinen

(Swedish Film Institute, 2022 - mix, master, pump organ)


"Shoot Out the Light and Drink me Now"

 Werner Kavermann & Von Korf

(Rekord Musik, 2022)


Piano Day Live Concert

Lau Nau & Matti Bye

(Sveriges Radio, 2022 - mix and master)


"Mil Colores"

Timba Valteriana



"Slow Down (Hannah Moule Rework)"

Nuala Honan/Hannah Moule

(Homesick Productions, 2021)


"Xenolalia Pt. 1 - Strings"


(Rose Hill Records, 2021)


"Maria durch ein Dornwald ging"

Kinbom & Kessner

(Theater.Macht.Musik, 2020)



Equipment includes: Analogue hardware from TAB/Telefunken (vintage W395a EQ), TK Audio, Elysia, Gainlab Audio and Tegeler Audio Manufaktur, RME SteadyClock FS and mastering-grade converters (for both analogue mastering-chain and monitoring), mastering software from Izotope, DMG Audio, Softube, Oeksound, SPL, Brainworx, Sonnox, Universal Audio, MAAT etc., Neumann monitors and Audeze LCD-X reference headphones, Heritage Audio monitor controller, cabling from Terry Audio and Mogami, Furman power conditioning.



© Fredrik Kinbom, 2018-2021. All rights reserved. Background photo: Jenny Fitz.